Catering for children

Delicious and healthy meals for children. Made of natural products only. Expect to hear your child say “yummy!”.


We offer balanced, tasty, and healthy menus for kindergarten pupils and schoolchildren. We prepare our dishes using natural and fresh ingredients that we buy from reliable supplies. We don’t use highly processed products or foods with a high content of preservatives. In order to make the menu interesting and diverse, we often use seasonal products.

We prepare breakfasts, dinners, and afternoon snacks. The menu is planned entirely by a children’s nutrition specialist. Apart from a standard menu, we also offer variants for children allergic to various types of products (e.g. strawberries, citrus fruit, nuts, poultry, etc.) and exclusion diet solutions (e.g. meat-free, gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free diets, etc.). Children get their special meals in separate – accordingly labelled – boxes.

A palette of colours on the plate


We make sure to make our food not only healthy, but also tasty and eye-catching. We cater for all kinds of children’s parties and family picnics. Since children are a very demanding group of clients, we can’t afford to offer boring dishes. That’s why the food we offer is both healthy and served in a creative way. Our meals are full of colour, looking fun and appetizing. We try to arrange our dishes in an extraordinary way, forming funny faces, animal-like characters, and other fun shapes. When we cater for children’s parties, we also provide our customers with special tableware that brings additional fun and joy to the table, combined with tasty food served in an interesting way.