Wedding catering

Exquisite wedding party menu in an elegant setting


Our offer includes carefully selected dishes served in a wonderful setting, which will surely please the taste of wedding guests. We will provide you with a ready menu or help you design it taking advantage of our broad offer of main courses, appetizers, salads, and desserts. Our standard offer includes both vegan and vegetarian menus.

Wedding is a special day. That is why our dishes are served also in a special way. We offer a contemporary tableware and unique decorations to match the occasion.

We organize wedding parties in wedding halls, private gardens, and wedding complexes without their own food and beverage facilities. We take care of everything, providing you with party tents, tables, and chairs for your guests, buffet tables, catering equipment, and – of course – professional cooking and waiter’s service.

A special menu for a special day


Apart from a standard wedding offer, we are also able to provide you with a range of additional culinary attractions. Our offer includes a richly country-style menu that includes e.g. a selection of Polish country-style cold cuts and sausages, homemade lard, pickled cucumbers, countryside bread, and many other local delicacies. Sweets-lovers will not be disappointed either as we are able to add a sweet twist to our offer by serving e.g. a wide choice of confectionery, homemade cakes, chocolate fountains with additions, and wedding layer cakes – always in vogue.

We’ll take care of every detail – watch our promotional video

When we cater for weddings, we always do our utmost. We want everything to be perfected in every detail. It’s our priority to match the decorations, the tableware, and all other additional features to the character of the occasion. We do our best to make the food, the decor, and the venue where the wedding takes place form a perfect whole. You’re welcome to watch our promotional video and see how our wedding catering looks in practice. We work with “Osada Młyńska” wedding facility which we recommend to you if you are looking for a place to organize your wedding party.