Easter catering

Traditional Polish Easter dishes, several menu variations


We are ready to prepare Traditional Polish Easter dishes that will highlight the special character of the occasion. The food we offer is prepared by experienced cooks – according to traditional, reliable recipes.

In order to suit our menu to your needs as much as possible, we’ve arranged 5 options of Easter catering you can select from – including a vegetarian menu.

Our Easter catering offer is based on traditional Polish cuisine. Our menu includes egg-based snacks, salads, pâtés, terrines, cold cuts and sausages, and dishes like sour rye soup and roasted meat. You can also order Easter catering and have it delivered to your home. To meet the tastes of those looking for something really exquisite, we offer an exclusive version of Easter catering, which features dishes like: eggs with caviar, salmon roulade, roasted white sausage with preserve, and many more tasty and modern dishes.

A rich selection of dishes and a full-range service


Would like to organize a corporate Easter meeting for your employees? Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of everything catering-related, including food, decorations, and waiter’s service. Our Easter catering offer includes a big selection of cold-served appetizers and salads. There are also hot-served dishes like: traditional Easter sour rye soup, roasted turkey, and roasted ham in wild mushroom sauce – to mention just a few. We’ll be glad to help you arrange a menu to suit your preferences. We serve the food on white tableware accompanied by natural flowers for decoration.